Smart Investments
& Portfolio Management

AOA Smart Investments and Portfolio Services provides customised real estate investment opportunities for local and international/foreign investors. AOA Locates, Purchases, Redevelops and Sells single and multi-family homes in the U.S market with an emphasis on the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania market.

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What we do

We give a back office service and manage portfolios for international investors who have invested in the USA since early 2015. We also create successful producing investments for our clients. We create and maximise passive incomes for our clients and our company. We are enlarging our company portfolio by building global partnerships with international investors. AOA makes every effort to enhance personal portfolios while we grow passive income and exit investments with maximum profits.

Project management

We offer varied project management services for foreign investors including their portfolio of residential or multi-family units


We invest, and engage other investors in projects ongoing in the USA  and are always looking for further interesting  investment opportunities


Our team of developers on the ground, find distressed properties or vacant lots to purchase and develop

Avi Harow


Avi has a background in Business Administration and is a Licensed Real Estate provider.

With extensive knowledge in property management, corporate portfolio management, and personal wealth management, Avi brings nearly a decade of experience to the company.

Avi is a highly motivated and results oriented manager whose customer service is exemplary.

Oren Jackson


Oren has an extensive background development and construction engineering. He assesses and evaluates properties while managing construction teams.

Oren oversees large construction projects and home inspections, while providing the best customer service possible.

A Residential construction manager and contractor for over 11 years, Oren is dedicated to bringing clients and investors quality opportunities.

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